Comedian| Vocalist | Model


Beauty, Brains, Strength and Drive

When she was little, her beloved father heard her singing while playing with her toys and immediately enrolled her in vocal lessons - she posessed the natural voice of an angel. Painfully shy, she could only perform in front of a crowd if she turned her back on them. Thankfully she overcame that little girl shyness and has become not only a powerful vocalist, but also a very stong comedic talent as well as a fashion and art model. She's become comfortable in the spotlight - whether it is on a comedy stage or behind a mic, or in the hot lights of a studio. We invite you to explore the many facets of this unique talent


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Creative Partnership

Ameera Nasser just finished with post production on her first self produced music album with cover songs and is collaborating with Pacifica based StudioNSFW, John Leonardini, who is a sound engineer to bring this project to life!


Comedy skits, stand up perfromances and occassional live audio tracks

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