Ameera is a first generation Arab- American LA based comedian currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her unique perspective, different and original style of comedy is second to none. She’s known for her passion, high energy, and animated face with her shocking,hilarious, raw, and real story telling to the stage. She keeps you engaged and on your toes begging for more. She covers material from her culture, spot on impersonations of her lovely mother, family exchanges, growing up, dating, and real life experiences that leave you crying, and jaws hurting with laughter. She brings a different style to the stage with her strong improv skills, amazing crowd-work, and a unique blend of dry and animated stylings. Ameera is much more than just a comedic act. She is also a 1st soprano singer and also does musical acts and incorporates it into her act, however, she is not just a blue comic. She also has this tremendous talent for riffing, and performing clean and dirty material. She’s a regional comedian that regularly tours Las Vegas, casinos, Southern California, and out of state. Ameera also writes, performs and produces her comedy sketches and cover songs. Some of her work can be found on her instagram, Facebook and on this site. Some of her comedy sketches such as “My Goodies” has led to larger feature acting roles. For more information and/or bookings on Ameera go to worldofameeranasser.com and fill out the contact form.